President: Renee Christiansen
t. 406 861 8181

Yellowstone Historical Society
P.O. Box 21801
Billings, MT 59104



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Welcome to the Yellowstone Historical Society. Celebrate the history of our community with us. You can participate in preserving the storied past of Billings and Yellowstone County. Enjoy, Engage, and Explore our history.
To share the history of Yellowstone County and surrounding area through programs and tours, and to locate, mark and preserve historical sites.


The functions of the Yellowstone Historical Society are exclusively charitable and educational.


History is shaped by the people who seek to preserve it. We, of the present, decide what to keep, what to put on display, what to put into storage, and what to discard. - Susanna Kearsley
COVID-19 Meeting Statement
As with many other activities & meetings you have heard about in the news recently, out of caution and a concern for the health of our members we have decided to cancel the April and May Meetings.
History. Participate in preserving the past.
Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting the objectives of the Yellowstone Historical Society.
  • The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it.Chief Joseph
  • The country was totally unprepared for the sudden appearance of the automobile and its overwhelming popularity
  • Real museums are places where Time is transformed into Space.Orhan Pamuk
  • Born by the river and killed by the Railroad, giving to Billings her best citizens, to Boothill her residue, and to Yellowstone her memories.YHS, 1982